About us

Why we started

Probably each of us has had to face difficulties when bringing a Christmas tree home. Starting with the search for a beautiful tree, fitting it into the car, and carrying it up the stairs – it can be quite a challenge. And not to mention the task of taking the tree out after the holidays. You need to know where to take it, because you can’t just leave the tree by the household waste container or anywhere in the front yard.

Our mission

To make the purchase of a Christmas tree easier, so that your biggest puzzle is related to its decoration. We deliver PREMIUM class Christmas trees to the locations chosen by you free of charge at the desired time, and after the holidays, we take them for recycling or replanting.

We are an ambitious team

Where each and every customer is the most important. For seven years now, we have been working to reduce Christmas worries, meet your needs and family values, provide all quality guarantees, and spread true Christmas joy.